Bad Nerd Open Word RPG Guide For play

Bad Nerd Open Word RPG Guide

!! Please read carefully !!,
on this post i will sharing mission on game and easy leveling (by author)

Bad Nerd guide. Bad Nerd Open Word RPG How to play, Guide Bad Nerd Open Word
This game is a super cool, funny looking game with graphics that looks like it came out of paint. It is available on Android and iOS. BUT thats why it's appealing as well. You are a student of a school ur are a geek person and there are now change to bad nerd. This schools start forming gangs and attacking everyone, bad nerd basically an open world offline story mode. Now heres a very short intro of the game

This game have little different between School of ChaosBad Nerd and Nerd vs Zombie

School of Chaos
u can play ofline or online with another player like minecraft online, 
There are three NPCs in midle on rest area that look like they're players:
From left to right -
  • Book Hord - Buy skills for a stronger attack move (Damage is multiplied according to the skill)
  • Toy Smuggler - Buy weapons and armor. (I'd advise not to buy the throwable weapons, ammo: 25 only)
  • Business Boy - Buy potions and bags. (Trade name tags to increase your strength/health/energy levels)
and on.. Bad Nerd - Open world RPG and Nerd vs Zombie
You will get main quest on every map, and arent have rest room change to infinmantry rooms

The map of the school.
-Bad Nerd - Open world  RPG

School of chaos Map , bad nerd map ongoing

The map is very useful to finding where your next quest is. like this picture

Questing: Whenever you see a NPC waving their hands like in the picture it means they have a quest for you.

Questing for clear ur story 
Bullying to make money

Tips to play Bad Nerd:
The first thing you should buy is a bag or weapon and save up for the biggest bag.
Whenever you pick up loot and save or sale it

buy "Happy mace" is recomended for the first weapon

Tips for u money (lunch money)
Number 1 :: NEVER Buy the repair kit to repair your items if u want lot money. To best way to repair your item is to sell the item to the NPC and then buy it again. You save A LOT of money, do the math yo ;) *if u dont like this way try tips number 2
Number 2 :: MONEY is easy in this game so dont forget to buy 100 repair kit and always bought on ur bagpack before play
Number 3 :: Earning money? kill them all when u get best equip
and selling ur looting

Your main goal follow the quest (main missions)
Accept a quest.
Start killing the characters your quest requires you to and pick up their loot. (Yellow sign on head mod)

>> Tips easy Play Bad Nerd
Be crazy on this game = bullying another player, Save ur money for best any armour, save ur snack do not "sell"
how about apple?, hmm just trow it ^^ (kindding, sell anyway)

Ok lest play together lest find our book and finish this game

Thanks for reading ^^

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