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School of chaos guide

!! Please read carefully !!,
on this post i will sharing mission on game and easy leveling (by author)

School of chaos guide. This game is a super cool, funny looking game with graphics that looks like it came out of paint. It is available on Android and iOS. BUT thats why it's appealing as well. You are a student of a school that has been invaded by zombies and there are now no have any teachers. This schools start forming gangs and attacking everyone, school of chaos basically an open world PvP. Now heres a very short intro of the game

There are three NPCs in midle on rest area that look like they're players:
From left to right -
  • Book Hord - Buy skills for a stronger attack move (Damage is multiplied according to the skill)
  • Toy Smuggler - Buy weapons and armor. (I'd advise not to buy the throwable weapons, ammo: 25 only)
  • Business Boy - Buy potions and bags. (Trade name tags to increase your strength/health/energy levels)

The map of the school.

The map is very useful to finding where your next quest is. like this picture
red color is best place for first quest and take a rest for restore health

Questing: Whenever you see a NPC waving their hands like in the picture it means they have a quest for you.

Questing is one of the best ways to receive name tags, these are used to level up or to increase your strength, health or energy.

Tips and advice:
The first thing you should buy is a bag and save up for the biggest bag.
Whenever you pick up loot and it is a weapon or armor, it cannot be equipped, so you should sell it right away.

Tips for u money (lunch money)
Number 1 :: NEVER Buy the repair kit to repair your items if u want lot money. To best way to repair your item is to sell the item to the NPC and then buy it again. You save A LOT of money, do the math yo ;) *if u dont like this way try tips number 2
Number 2 :: MONEY is easy in this game so dont forget to buy 100 repair kit and always bought on ur bagpack before play
Number 3 :: Earning money is easy in this game so don't horde your money, buy the next best weapon whenever you reach the level requirement and buy the next best WEAPON one tap skill (leave the hand combat skills last). Amour is optional but its okay to not have any until around level 8.
Number 4 :: to earning money is simpley and easy way.
u just wait on gym rooms, playground, cafetaria and another anarchy spoot. Wait until some player pvp (fighting, or bullying another player), u just stay away and when some body died take any broken armour or weapon. When u on rest area dont forget to selling ur looting item (sell -> other -> klik loot money)

Name Tag's
is more important!!
School of chaos Name Tag's
I think Your main goal is not just to level up, saving up name tags in the earlier levels is not a good idea because the higher level you are the more amount of name tags you get from high level quests.

The amount of name tags needed to level increases each level but not health/strength/energy level ups.
Fast Leveling up guide (Getting name tags):
In this game there is a lot of running around and due to energy restrictions it takes up a large amount of your time. But when you die and respawn with an accepted quest, the moment you leave the rest area you go to the room where your quest characters/zombies are.
1. Please try to be kindly person, dont attack another player
2. Accept a quest.
3. Leave the rest area and you are loaded to the quest area. Or u can go to room where ur quest
4. Start killing the characters/zombies your quest requires you to and pick up their loot. (Yellow sign on head mod)
5. Look around the room and try and kill other characters for extra name tags until you die (It's okay if you don't kill anyone) remember step number 1
6. You must back into the rest area, now sell your loot and accept a new quest and start from step 3.
If u need stronger characther please follow tips for leveling
Now sometimes there are ads that play after you die but it is much shorter than the amount of time going to and from the rest area to your quest area.

>> Tips leveling school of chaos
Play and Follow ur quest until lv 5 or 7. stop there buy any armour or best weapon, buy skill on book hord to lv max, take quest made by player. Remember to take any quest made by player for easly missions

>> Upgrade ur streng, health and ur stamina
best status is ::
Lv 5: streng 3, health point/ HP 80 stamina 50
Lv 10 : strengh 6, HP 120, stamina 80
Lv 15 : strengh 9, HP 150, stamina 120
Lv 20-25 : strengh 10++, Hp 150++, stamina still 150 is ok

Be kindly is = dont bullying another player, Save ur money for best any armour, save ur name tag for lv up stats and buy vip on special item
Ok lest play together kill them all enjoy it
Thanks for reading ^^


  1. i like this game
    and so cool when pvp guild on auditorium
    i never lose

  2. Hey is it just me or is there just randomly zombies that no else sees

  3. did you play Offline Mode?
    Today i logged on to, Game name
    School of Chaos Online MMORPG

    There's Lot of pleople play Online ^^

  4. Hey im having some trouble because im level 10 and my stamina and streangth is still at 50 stamina and 50 strength plz help

  5. How can I level up I have played since 2013 but I am still at level 2 I have done plenty of quests but still no level up

    1. Go in your backpack and Click other. Scroll to nametages and Then select use.

    2. Go in your backpack and Click other. Scroll to nametages and Then select use.

  6. I been doing quest for 2days and the 3rd day i dont find any waving NPCs that gives us quest what do i do? I cant get nametags anymore...

  7. I been doing quest for 2days and the 3rd day i dont find any waving NPCs that gives us quest what do i do? I cant get nametags anymore...

  8. Hey this might be helpful. I create school of chaos video tutorials on my YouTube channel: