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<How to Play Slingshot Braves>
① Download the app! The download is free, you don't have to register, and controls are simple!
② Customize your Characters and Weapons and get started on an adventure!
③ After a little practice you can play「multiplayer battles」and defeat opponents together with your friends!  

■In Slingshot Braves you can play real-time with someone right next to you or users across the country and have fun together!
■You and your partner each select 2 characters, so you fight with a total of 4 characters!
■There are rare items you can only get in Multiplayer Mode!
④ Upgrade your armor and weapons and make your characters even stronger!
■Choose your basic armor and collect the items you need to upgrade!
■When upgrading, use your finger to shake the materials in a bottle in order to increase your chances for an upgrade bonus! Your Equipment EXP and Levels will raise even faster!  
■Unnecessary armor and weapons can be dismantled and used as material to upgrade other equipment!

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#How To log out Slingshot Braves Games ]
#How To Logout and Create New ID
#Cara Log out Game Slingshot Braves
#Cara bikin Id baru di game Slingshot Braves
#Backup file Slingshot Braves Game

- Instal Root Browser (di play store)
- masuk ke internal storage
- android -> data.
- cari folder "jp.colopl.enslingshot" (dan Copy)

- copy folder dan pindahin ketempat Lain.
- "clear cache" Aplikasinya
- buka root browser lagi dan pindahin lagi folder jp.colopl.enslingshot. (ketempat awal)
- ke storage - android - data. paste and overwrite.

- Install "Root Browser" (di play store)
- Open Internal Storage > Android > Data and Copy "jp.colopl.enslingshot"
- Paste to another file
- "clear cache" Game Aplicatoin
- open root browser again and copy paste file "jp.colopl.enslingshot" from back up data to first place File

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