Ayakashi Ghost Guild Card List Phantom

Phantom Card On Ayakashi Ghost Guild

Phantom is one of the three classes of Daemons found in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. Has a disadvantage against Divina but has an advantage against Anima.

How to Acquire Agni Card
  • Special Summon
  • Rare Summon (Former)
  • x3 chance to summon him before Mon, 11/18 10:59pm
How to Acquire Amakusa Shiro Card

How to Acquire Akaname Card
  • "Trouble at the Old Inn" event: Collect all six Akaname sealstones. The sealstones will only last for the whole duration of the event.
  • You can also obtain her magatama by completing the sealstones again for the second time and onwards.

How to Acquire Altair Card
  • "Galaxy Wars: Magic Spheres" Event: Defeat level 25 Sagittarius [Fallen].
  • Additionally, by defeating levels 27, 29, 31, and 33, you will get Altair Magatamas.

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